At the beginning, there were phones without a camera. Now, we have two, three, and most recently four major cameras on our smartphones. This tendency to add more and more lenses / sensors is gradually increasing. But in the future we definitely get more advanced and more sensor-friendly smartphones.

Recently a rumor has been heard that there might be five cameras on Nokia’s device. But that’s still rumor. Already in a patent of LG it seems that they are going to find 16 smartphones with cameras.

The patent and trademark office (USPTO) in the United States is released this weekend, a new patent discovered by Letgas Digital, which shows 16 lenses with a major camera setup on a smartphone. It seems that if this technology of patent is going to be true then the smartphone camera sector can move to another level.

For example, in one click, all 16 cameras will take a shot at the same time and you can choose your favorite picture later. With the help of Wide Angle shot you can pick it up. Basically, with a single shot, you can select different views from different angle. As we move around around the subject and now we shoot a picture at different angles, it will be easier.

But then what would be the cellphone camera? It is not possible to get 16 cameras in front. So can not we take the cellphone?
No, LG has taken care of us. They have a small mirror behind the mirror that allows you to pick up a cellphone. Although clear ideas about this are not yet available. You can pick up 16 images in just one click.

LG is working every now and then to create something new. In that series, their 16 camera patents came. Can they take the smartphone camera to another stage? Do you really think we are getting a 16-camera smartphone?

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